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Homestay Introduction

"Storia D'amore", dedicating to the prettiest hostess.

Come to "Storia D'amore", and enjoy the landscape at every corner.

We have large viewing windows and open balconies.
Enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon,
and you will feel satisfied and relaxed!

Bar of making sweet dessert

Classic wooden spiral staircase

Humming songs, busy with preparing afternoon tea like a happy little woman,
A-fen greets every guest kindly with her sweet smile. Hospitality in Taiwan appears everywhere...

Storia D'amore Album
  • Cafe Shop Bar
  • Cafe Shop Window View
  • Cafe Shop Attic Seat
  • Cafe Shop Attic Balcony
  • Cafe Shop Balcony View
  • Spring Double Room
  • Summer Double Room
  • Shared Balcony of Spring and Summer
  • Autumn Double Room
  • Winter Double Room
  • Winter View
  • Four Seasons Double Room
  • Four Seasons Steam Room
  • Bayview Double Room
  • Bayview Balcony View
  • Sunset Double Room
  • Pisces Quadruple Room
  • Pisces View
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